Why Loop Mat?

Loop-mat is an inductive loop, integrated in a road carpet structure, covered with and completely sealed by highly resistant gravel.

The electromagnetic detector has evolved several times since its invention.This has not happened with the inductive loop at all. In spite of any technical features the inductive loop detector might have, it cannot transmit reliable information if it has not been caught in optimal conditions by the loop.

The Loop-Mator Loop-Carpetis the technical evolution of the inductive loop, born out of the necessity to detect bicycles. In tests with a bicycle whose only metallic parts were the pedal nuts, detection was successful.

1. Detection twice as high

The Loop-Mat has a minimum inductive value of 106 micro Henry (μh), whatever its size. (Minimum size: 0,50 x 0,50 m.).
The electromagnetic field achieves a minimum height of 35 cm. The power is double of that from an inductive loop below the paving, which detects in all directions and reaches a height of only 18 cm.

2. High exclusively vertical detection

We seal the loop wire flat inside the carpet, thus producing detection only in a vertical direction.
Loop-mat is efficient enough that it is not necessary for wheels to pass directly over the carpet for detection to occur.
Due to the fact that detection takes place exclusively vertically, the electromagnetic field of the Loop-Carpet does not make erroneous detections of metallic elements, not belonging to the vehicles (Tramcar rails, metallic building components etc.)

3. Non-intrusive detection

FOR INSTALLATION IT’S NOT NECESSARY TO CUT INTO THE FLOOR, It is a non-intrusive detection that preserves the integrity of the surface. European antisismical rules do not allow cut the surface in parking structures, in order to preserve the surface sealing.
The Loop-Mat allows installation of electromagnetic detection systems even in existing car parks. This way, barrier detectors can be improved, new detectors can be added (even for differentiating motorcycles from cars), illumination systems can be installed through on-site detection of the vehicle… and all this without damaging the floor, nor drilling special wall covers.

4. Permanent and temporary detection

The removable features of the Loop-Mat make it ideal for short term use, like counting of vehicles, or for temporary detections.
Permanent fixation, watertight for interior and exterior use, very resistant against severe weather conditions. Warm (180ºC) with a bituminous file.
Temporary fixation, with rivets.

5. High quality detection

Material used in the composition of the Loop-Mat can resist temperatures up to 180º C and allows its installation with hot bitumen mass.
All the electrical wires are covered with tin to prevent oxidation.
All manufacturing processes are done by hand, guaranteeing maximum quality of the product. The wire is plaited manually in order to avoid lack of detection power.

Road Carpets

The street carpet consisting of the Loop-Mat can be delivered in various specifications, depending on the grain thickness of the gravel.

The grain type is referenced from MR0 (thin) up to MR3 (Super thick).

Grain type is selected according to the requirements of the installation. Features of the super thick grain make it suitable for a speed reduction. Medium and thick grain can be used as a non-slip surface. The thin grain is ideal for light vehicles such as on cycle lanes.